Mac Macartney powerful, and authentic public speaker.

Mac Macartney speaks at major international business conferences, TEDx events, universities, schools, festivals, prisons, and small local gatherings. He is adept in aligning his language, stories, and concepts to his audience, and the originality of his content and delivery is exceptional.

For twenty years Mac was mentored by a group of ‘metis’ Native Americans. This prolonged and challenging training has profoundly influenced Mac’s world view and continues to inform all aspects of his work with organisations, children, families, and youth.

Tim 'Mac' Macartney

Dr Scilla Elworthy

Dr Scilla Elworthy Phd founded the Oxford Research Group in 1982 to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics, work for which she has been three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She founded Peace Direct in 2002 to fund, promote and learn from local peace-builders in conflict areas; Peace Direct was voted ‘Best New Charity’ in 2005. Scilla was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003, and was adviser to Peter Gabriel, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson in setting up ‘The Elders’.

She recently co-founded Rising Women Rising World, advises the leadership of selected international corporations and teaches young social entrepreneurs; her latest book is Pioneering the Possible: awakened leadership for a world that works (North Atlantic Books, 2014), and her TED talk on non violence has been viewed by over 800,000 people.

Scilla's talk will be based on this: "I am certain that a different future for all of humanity is possible, if humans wake up. Waking up starts with you and me. It means increasing our knowledge of ourselves, using reflection, mindfulness and inner work. In half a century of work in the world, the most important lesson I learned from Nelson Mandela and from The Elders is that inner work is a pre-requisite for outer effectiveness."



Jamie Catto, Creator, Producer/Director of award winning 1 Giant Leap films/albums and founder member of Faithless is now facilitating uniquely transformative workshops and one-on-one sessions. Drawing from the richly diverse wisdom, techniques and processes he has encountered during his filming, recording, philosophy voyages across all five continents, he is weaving these creative techniques and exercises to spark both professional and personal breakthroughs.

Jamie Catto

Chris Walton

The Gamma Mindset is a peak state of consciousness that retrains your emotional fight/flight brain and awakens your next stage of potential. Activating the Gamma Mindset on a daily basis gives you heightened awareness and intuition coupled with powerful drive and motivation and a super focused mind with a calm confidence in any situation. In this talk you will see the brain measurement when performing the Gamma Mindset and understand why it is so powerful for personal change.

Chris Walton is an internationally recognised performance psychologist and consciousness researcher. He is the author of two best-selling books and the creator of the Gamma Mindset System. Chris’s books; Gamma Healing – Create the Peak Brain State and Eliminate Subconscious Limiting Beliefs, Anxiety, Fear and Doubt in Less Than 5 minutes. Peak Performance in 60 Seconds – The 4 Essentials to Maximise Your Energy, Resilience and Performance.


Geoff Macdonald

Geoff McDonald is a London-based thought leader, advisor with global experience and a Unilever career spanning 25 years. Geoff talks about business and purpose – the new bipolar world of business i.e. purpose and profit. Under his leadership he developed Unilever’s global talent and leadership centre of expertise. More recently he has devoted his time, energy and effort to leading ground breaking work where the HR function has played a central role in transforming Unilever’s business model with purpose at its core.

Today, Geoff is a very much sought-after speaker, inspiring and provoking organisations to put purpose at the centre of everything they do. His experience in Unilever allows him to provide very practical insights and speak on how to go about truly embedding PURPOSE within a large global multi-national organisation. With this experience comes some real learnings on what may or may not work. He has spoken at Cambridge University, Warwick and Oxford as well as corporate events across Australia, Europe, Japan, North America, and Africa. Central and Eastern Europe.

Geoff McDonald

Carolina Moeller

Carolina Moeller, half Swedish, half Austrian, half corporate, half NGO with a wholehearted passion for stretching the mind, engaging the heart and inspiring action for a sustainable world. In her latest role as Head of Business Education at WWF International she has been directing programs for executives aimed at putting sustainability at the heart of business.

Her talk about letting go.... of held believes, ideas and thoughts about ourselves and the world we live in. It is about what happens when we realise we are not a noun standing on the bank watching life flow by, but a verb emerging out of the stream of life.


Andy Middleton

Andy is Founder Director of the TYF Group, a UK social enterprise who share adventurous thinking, skills and action with five thousand people a year through education, exploration, retail and consulting. He is a Founding Partner of the Do Lectures, a Board Member of Natural Resources Wales, Associate Director of INSPIRE, the Institute for Sustainable Practice, Innovation & Resource Effectiveness at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and Strategic Partnerships Director EQI, a specialist platform for natural resource data and transformation.

Andy designs and enables radical and transformational for leaders, teams and organisations by developing the inspiration, confidence, connections and plans that catalyses action. He is a strategic advisor, facilitator and speaker to business and government, working with organisations to connect what they do to the speed and scale of change that’s needed, drawing on 25 years’ experience in risk, action learning, biomimicry and sustainability.

Andy works internationally and from his home city of St Davids, balancing desk and delivery time with surfing, sea kayaking and gardening. He blogs at and tweets as @gringreen; his talks from the Do Lectures and TEDx are online at 'Find your own luck’ and at Radical change.
Andy Middleton

Giles Hutchins

The Illusion of Separation, the source of our current social, economic and environmental ills springs from inherent flaws in how we perceive and construct the world we live in. The Illusion of Separation takes us on an exploration of the root causes of our multiple ills so that we can breakthrough into reality beyond illusion.

Giles Hutchins applies twenty years business experience to the emergence of a new paradigm. Formerly a management consultant for KPMG, more recently Global Sustainability Director for Atos International, co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, ambassador for Embercombe, adviser for Akasha Innovation, he speaks and writes about the transformation to new ways of operating inspired by and in harmony with Nature.


Mary Daniels

Mary Daniels Co-Director of Alternatives and founder of The Conscious Living Hub has been coaching and working with people for over 20 years. Passionate about inspiring people to connect to what is true for them. Mary has worked with young offenders, in and out of prisons, the cabinet office on their NCS initiative and with Prince’s Charity Mosaic and is on the advisory board for Future Foundations.

Based in St. James Church, the heart of Piccadilly, London, for over 32 years Alternatives runs inspiring and educational talks and workshops with leaders in the field of personal growth, conscious living, spirituality, well being and conscious business. Hosting the likes of Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle and many more.

Mary Daniels

Kanada Gorla

Kanada is a leadership and transformational change catalyst, facilitator and coach. Her work?

~ Releasing people's innate genius
~ Launching young people powerfully into the world as leaders and change makers
~ Developing values-led leadership, vision and culture in organisations and teams
~ Contributing whatever she can to the creation of a human culture 'worth coming home to'.

Her approach is holistic and pragmatic, intuitive and results-oriented. It is grounded in her understanding of the transformational power of presence; her recognition that we are not only physical and mental beings, but also emotional and spiritual ones; and her appreciation that at the heart of all change is found personal responsibility, awareness and moment by moment choice.

Kanada began consulting in 1995 and currently works with people of all ages & walks of life - from entrepreneurs, mums and students to CEOs, community groups and seasoned teams. In her previous life she was a community arts animateur, directed opera & theatre, taught improvisation and coached actors, singers and musicians. She was born in St. Louis, and trained in drawing and printmaking before reading philosophy at university.

She runs her own social business Shine ; and is a long-time Associate with Embercombe; a social enterprise and leadership centre in Devon; and with Common Purpose Customised; an education charity which develop leaders and engaged citizens internationally.


Chris Paradox

Your Master of Ceremonies, Chris Paradox - One-legged, Existentialist Stand-up Beat-poet, Inspiration Engineer & Founder of

Back in 2002 Chris gave up a £70K p.a. Career in Recruitment Advertising to go and live under a tree in Battersea Park and sell the Big Issue for 7 months. Mark Twain said "The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why" and so Chris gave it all up in a desperate attempt to find his 'Big Why?'

3 months in, at the age of 35 and having never written a poem in his life, Chris started writing performance poetry and for the last 12 years has been cheekily living his ‘Big Why’ as an Inspirational Performance Poet, Transformational Coach & wannabe Media Baron.

Chris will entertain you with his unique brand of wordsmithery and will be talking about how to Access and Activate Your Unstoppable You.

Chris Paradox

Daniel Ludevig

Born in the U.S. and currently based in Berlin, Daniel Ludevig has explored his love for the art of communication while living and working in France, Morocco, New York, Phnom Penh and Boston. Daniel inspires leadership and connection between people to be beautiful, whether in dance, business or personal relationships.

Founder and director of MOVE, Daniel aspires to enable people to work, interact and relate better together. He believes that effective and healthy communication results from having not only a clear understanding of one’s own ideas, abilities and goals, but also understanding those of our partners, whether at work, home or in our communities. His teachings educate and empower participants to use movement, embodiment, the arts and awareness-practice to improve their leadership, communication and effectiveness when working with and relating to other people.

Daniel offers leadership workshops, lectures and classes globally. and has worked with CEO’s and leaders at companies such as Vattenfall, E.ON, YMCA, AXE, City & Guilds, Academy of Chief Executives and Global Leaders Academy.

Clive de Carle is a leader in the field of optimum health and mental performance. For over 20 years he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of mental and physical high performance optimisation, providing cutting edge dietary consultancy and enabling thousands of clients to reverse the signs of illness and regain optimum health.

With the doctors unable to help, Clive sought out a cure himself using nutrition and within one year Clive found he had completely reversed the arthritis.

Clive is an advisor to one of the worlds leading fund managers and is the CEO of Ancient Purity, an innovative health and wellness company. He also has interviewed many world experts on health, performance and longevity in his role as host of the Health Revolution TV series.

 Clive de Carle

Peter Reason

Ecological pilgrimage and the wild world, Hillaire Belloc wrote that an intense experience of the world is only available to those who travel on foot. He clearly hadn't made a night passage in a small yacht. On long solo sailing voyages one is disoriented from the everyday, taken for granted world, social constructions of reality fall away, allowing a more naked sense of what it is to be a human being as a participant in the wider world.

This presentation will explore the significance of ecological pilgrimage, drawing on Peter Reason’s book Spindrift: A wilderness pilgrimage at sea (Vala Publishing Cooperative, 2014) Peter Reason is Professor Emeritus at the University of Bath. As an academic he contributed to the theory and practice of action research, and to teaching and research about sustainability. Post-retirement he has focused on ‘nature writing for an ecology in crisis’. His book Spindrift: A wilderness pilgrimage at sea is published by Vala Publishing Cooperative.


Robin and Emma Catto

Husband and wife team, Emma and Robin, have been practising yoga for over twenty-five years. They have studied many of the yogic paths, including pranayama, philosophy, devotion, meditation and self-study, and incorporate all of these into their asana (posture) practice. They have travelled and studied extensively in India, America and the UK and between them hold qualifications in the Sivananda, Iyengar and Birthlight traditions as well as having studied with the Astanga Vinyasa guru, Sri K Pattabhi Jois. They have also both trained in numerous bodyworks including Thai massage and reflexology.

Their teaching aims to increase awareness, strength and flexibility of the body and mind, in order to facilitate good posture, good breathing habits, mental quiet and an improved sense of self.

Emma is also qualified in NLP and EFT which she combines to take clients to a place of deep awareness and nourishment, enabling them to let go of what they no longer need. Emma also uses these techniques to help her antenatal students enjoy a more positive pregnancy and birth experience.

For the past 15 years Emma and Robin have been running Breathe Yoga and Pilates, which provides private lessons for individuals and groups in homes and offices all over London.

In the conference Emma will be providing a mini break for the mind and body enabling you to sit more comfortably, breathe more effectively and be more present.

Robin & Emma Catto

Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton is an entrepreneur who has founded a number of commercial and social enterprises. His current business is Thornton’s Budgens a supermarket in North London - ‘The Community Supermarket that really Cares’. He is currently writing a book “How to put the Heart back into Business” and speaks on the subject of ‘Heart in Business’. He was a founder director of both “The People’s Supermarket” and “Food from the Sky”.

Andrew Thornton shares his journey from hard-nosed focused and profit driven entrepreneur, to the creator of the ‘Heart in Business’ approach to running a company where people and planet are put first, trusting that profit will follow. That journey started with a greater care for community and environment, involved a huge shift in how he approached his whole life and the starting of a new commercial business and two social enterprises. Andrew shares the impact this has had on his life and the lives of those who work with him. And shares his passion for spreading the “Heart in Business” message.

Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton

Sam is a recent graduate in environmental conservation from the University of Leeds and a Co-director of The Real Junk Food Project C.I.C. He became a food waste activist when he was 19 and travelled to New Zealand where he was first exposed to the commercial food waste crisis.

In his final year of study Sam teamed up with other students and catering professionals and started the U.K's first pay-as-you-feel, surplus food cafe. He has recently moved to Bristol, and has opened a pop-up surplus food cafe with a group of dedicated activists. When he isn’t slaving over a hot stove you can find Sam on his bike or with his legs poking out of a skip!

Sam Joseph

Oonagh Harpur

Oonagh Harpur’s executive, advisory and non-executive experience spans local and global organisations in the UK and USA. Her leadership career has primarily developed in the energy, health, and financial and professional service sectors.

Oonagh is a globally recognised ‘thought-leader’ and senior advisor to government, charities and big business, including the Lord Mayor’s City Values Forum, the Global eHealth Foundation chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Scientific and Medical Network. Oonagh is at the forefront of the exciting shift occurring within Corporate Strategy, Leadership Development and Organisational Transformation and her key focus is on how companies today can bring better shared value and wellbeing to employees, society and the environment as well as returning a profit.

Her 25 years personal experience in running and advising large businesses on strategy, values, stewardship and authentic leadership, led Oonagh to conclude that fostering a more caring and compassionate culture within the workplace is absolutely key to sustaining long-term success and profitability. Backed up by extensive research, this insight led Oonagh to develop ‘Love & Integrity in Business’, which she will share at the Natural Leaders Now event.

Onnagh Harpur

Bill Murtha

With a 20 year corporate background that includes senior management, directorship and CEO roles, Bill has also been involved in a number of start-ups, including a brick and stone business he owned in Devon.

Disillusioned and eventually burnt out, (coupled with a life-threatening event), Bill decided to sell his shares in the company he founded, and instead concentrated on inspirational writing projects. His first book, Dying for a Change, took him around the world, and during that time he came up with the idea for Global Visionaries, an extensive project that would eventually involve meeting and interviewing some 500 leaders, sustainability experts, economists, scientists and pioneers for change. Ultimately, the project morphed into the book- 100 Words: 200 Visionaries Share Their Hope for the Future.

Bill is a former South-West co-ordinator for the Scientific & Medical Network, a judge for The International Green Awards, and a member of the Praxis Peace Institute and think-tank in California. Now a qualified leadership coach and consultant, (training under the Institute of Leadership & Management), his core area of interest focuses on the future of work and the future of modern leadership. He lives with his partner, Jayne, in Totnes, Devon, and they together launched TLC-Transformational Leadership Coaching, where they use a Positive Psychology approach to support and coach CEO's, business owners, leaders and senior managers.

Bill Murtha